Feeling Odd

Being born slightly askew isn’t so bad except when I feel like a boy named Sue. Then I get mad and ask God,”Why did you make me this way?” He gives me a wink and a nod and I don’t feel so odd anymore and can live with myself once again.

Life’s a Bitch

Lona’s spitting out the pieces of her life out of order. How’s a dyslexic like me supposed to write her story and make make sense out of it? Life’s a bitch!

Compulsive Writing

It’s 4:30 in the morning. I can’t sleep. Full paragraphs my new book,Lona, are spinning around on the screen in my head insisting that I get up right now. All I want to do is go back to sleep. So, I get up.

Life is hard

I am ‘The Three Faces of Eve’. I have to publicize Bipolar Me, write my new book,Lona, and stick a broom up my rear. Life is a pain in the ass.

Cutting Yourself

Doing something physically demanding until you feel pain will get you out of depression quickly. Cutting yourself is a No-No that can kill you

Getting Over Depression

The following helped me for 82 years get over bipolar depression quickly. Grab something hard (not your member) and squeeze until you feel pain. Do something physical that requires brutal effort. IE. rub simonize wax into the paint of your car with all the strength in your body. Pound a nail into a knot in hard wood. Don’t knock it. It could help.