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Sid Nachman was the first person in the US to be diagnosed and successfully treated for bipolarism over 50 years ago. Sid writes engaging nonfiction books that revolve around his experiences growing up in Philadelphia. His somewhat acerbic wit, no-holds-barred writing style and deft storytelling takes readers on a carnival ride, filled with stories that demonstrate that life is ultimately just plain good.


Strictly For Seniors

An entertaining book of fifteen short stories about what happened to Sid "after breakfast on Delancey Street" in West Philly during the 30’s and 40’s when his Mom gave him a big hug and kiss and sent him on his way. “Have fun, Shainalla (pretty one)! Don’t get into trouble! Be home before five o’clock if you want your dinner hot!” What‘s a snot-nosed kid supposed to do all by his lonesome? Readers will enjoy this engaging memoir, full of entertaining stories about how Sid had fun, faced his demons, survived bullying and learned how to take care of himself. Sid also included a few fairy tales that just happened to drop in.

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Bipolar Me

A highly entertaining memoir that allows readers to take a ride with Sid into the unfettered mind of a bipolar boy who never grows up until his hair turns white and it’s real hard to pee. Readers will get to see his world in black and white and vivid color. Feel what he feels when he feels like he weighs three thousand pounds and a minute later can leap over tall buildings. Share a life gone wild that settles down when it’s almost too late. (Sid still feels like he is ten years old inside. He doesn’t ever want that to change.)

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A Message From Sid

What I’ve tried to do in Strictly for Seniors is take you back to yesterday’s world and show you, contrary to what you might think, that your parents weren’t always old, they actually were once kids just like you who enjoyed life, got into trouble and had to fight their way out. Along the way they learned to laugh at themselves. Read Strictly For Seniors and laugh along with them too.

I wrote Bipolar Me for a number of reasons. One: was to transcend the usual pap readers read in autobiographies. Two: was to offset all the misconceptions people have about mental illness. God forbid the medical profession should ruffle the feathers of the general populace. So they changed the name of Manic-Depressive to the more innocuous sounding Bipolar. In my day if you had chemical imbalance in your brain you were labeled schizophrenic, given electric shock treatment or locked up in a nut house with a key that was thrown away. Thirdly: To tell the reader that if you let God hold your hand and you try real hard you can live a normal life. Lastly, but not least, to receive enough royalties to pay off my car so my wife doesn’t have anything to worry about and I can die in peace.

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